Recruiting and Sportsmanship

An IMPORTANT message from NJ North Chapter of US Lacrosse about recruiting and sportsmanship:

In recent years, the direction of the college lacrosse recruiting process has led to confusion by some, frustration to others and leaves everyone with a lot of questions. The intent of our all-inclusive guidebook, "So…You want to play lacrosse in college?," is to help educate parents, players and coaches and present hard facts, dispel the myths, and to promote the essentials. 

Scoop the Good Sport — a.k.a. Stephen Berger, US Lacrosse men's game director by day, MLL All-Star on game days and Scoop the Good Sport 24/7 — has important messages for players, parents, coaches and fans everywhere about the importance of sportsmanship. Take a look at the following YouTube videos and feel free to pass along to everyone you know in the lacrosse community:

Sportsmanship: Coach

Sportsmanship: Fans

Sportsmanship: Players

Sportsmanship: USL Statement

While NJ Lcarosse and US Lacrosse are not affiliated with this specific lacrosse event we wanted to provide you with the above free resources.

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