NJ Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Initiated in 1997 The New Jersey Lacrosse Foundation has annually inducted individuals based on outstanding lacrosse achievement and/or contribution. As a chapter of US Lacrosse, The New Jersey Lacrosse Foundation strives for consistency with the national organization.  The mission of the US Lacrosse Hall of Fame is to honor men and women, past and present, which by their deeds as players, coaches, officials and/or contributors, and by the example of their lives, personify the great contribution of the sport of lacrosse to our way of life.

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Following are the New Jersey Hall of Fame Vision, Mission and Goal:

New Jersey Hall of Fame Vision: To recognize the individuals (player, coach, official or contributor) who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments, and have distinguished themselves or who have made a significant contribution to the excellence or growth  of game of lacrosse over the past six decades in New Jersey.

New Jersey Hall of Fame Mission: Through a statewide ongoing and continuous process of accepting nominations from the New Jersey lacrosse community, based on the eligibility criteria stated below, and voting by their piers select the top tier candidates to be recognized by the New Jersey Hall of Fame Committee on an annual basis.

New Jersey Hall of Fame Goal: Due to their several years of contribution to the game of Lacrosse in New Jersey to recognize annually the new Inductees at a first class Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to demonstrate our appreciation for their contribution.

New Jersey Hall of Fame Qualifications

Player: Must be from New Jersey. A player is eligible 10 years after graduation from high school graduation.

Coach: Must be from New Jersey with noteworthy accomplishments or coach a New Jersey team. Must have 15 years experience or have retired for 10 years.

Official: New Jersey resident who has obtained prominence, or an official who serves primarily in New Jersey.  To be eligible they must have 20 years of experience.

Contributor: A person who has made a significant contribution to a New Jersey Lacrosse Organization, Team or Club. To be eligible they must have 20 years experience in lacrosse.

One of the attributes that US Lacrosse considers is Character Beyond Reproach. In New Jersey we will follow their lead and believe that Character Beyond Reproach is an important consideration for all nominees for the New Jersey Hall of Fame. The following are possible areas of evaluation used to determine Character Beyond Reproach:

Annual Hall of Fame Timeline and Deadlines

To be eligible for consideration, all fully completed and signed Hall of Fame nomination forms must be received by October 1 this year. All nomination forms received after the October 1 deadline will not be eligible for induction within the current year, but will be automatically considered for induction the following year. Questionnaires can be submitted at any time through the year.

If a candidate is not selected for inclusion on the ballot within the year of initial nomination, he/she will remain eligible for consideration in subsequent years. It is not necessary to resubmit a new nomination form annually, but submission of information regarding any new achievements, accolades or honors is highly recommended. All information will be reviewed annually and housed within the individuals’ nominee folder by the New Jersey Lacrosse Hall of Fame Committee.

New Jersey Lacrosse Hall of Fame Nominee Questionnaire Submission

Please Complete and return the Questionnaire to:

Peter O’Donnell
409 Ocean Park Avenue
Bradley Beach, NJ 07720
Email preferred: pmodmlnj@aol.com

Our 2018 Inductees to the New Jersey Lacrosse Foundation Hall of Fame:

Congratulations to the 2018 year's nominees:
Sal Sassano - Richard Rizk “Unsung Hero” Award
Joe Cinosky - Mountain Lakes High School 2004, University of Maryland 2008
Meredith (Egan) Finkelstein - Columbia High School 1997, University of Maryland 2002
Joe Haemmerle - Bergen Catholic High School 1986, Union College 1986 - 1987 St. Peter’s College 1991, Seton Hall University 2005
Matt Kovachik - Fairfield Prep (CT) 1990, Hartwick College 1994, Sacred Heart University 1999
John “Pops” Stawecki - Sewanhaka High School (NY) 1953, Syracuse University 1957
Nicholas Tropiano - Clifton High School 1976, FDU – Teaneck 1977, Montclair State College 1981

Past Inductees

Ned Crotty - Delbarton School 2005, Duke University 2010
Graham C. Gill - Shawnee High School 2000, Avon Old Farms (CT) 2001, United States Naval Academy 2005
Michael J. Cleary - Essex Catholic High School 1969, Newark State (Kean) College 1973
Michael D. Pounds - Montclair High School 1980, West Point Preparatory Prep 1981, Springfield College 1985, University of Virginia 1988
Jill Thomas - Danbury High School (CT) 1972, Ursinus College 1976, Trenton State College (TCNJ) 1995
George Gagis - Paterson Eastside High School 1968
Charles L. Dwyer - Richard Rizk �Unsung Hero� Award

Brent Kephart - Richard Rizk “Unsung Hero” Award
Mike Walsh - Indian Hills High School 1984, Georgetown University 1988, Columbia University 1991
Tom Fritz - Mountain Lakes High School 1993, Nazareth College 1997
Bob Nuse - Bridgewater-Raritan West High School 1980, Rutgers University 1985
Greg Raschdorf - Sewanhaka High School (NY) 1975, Cornell University 1979
Samantha Kenny - Morristown High School 1987, Springfield College 1991, Drew University 2000
MG Hollingsworth - Bridgewater-Raritan East High School 1986, Rutgers University 1990
Mike Kinney - Immaculate Conception High School 1977, Kean University 1988

Harriet L. Donnelly - Richard Rizk “Unsung Hero” Award
Marjorie Adams - Montclair High School 1987, Princeton University 1991, U Penn 1996
George H. Miller III - Montclair High School 1974, University of Maryland 1978
Kathleen De Bonis - Long Branch High School 1983, Montclair State 1987, New Jersey City Univ. 2009
Kyle Kirst - Huntington High School 1985, Rutgers University 1990
Laura McCarthy - Palisades Park High School 1977, Bergen Community College 1980
John Bodnar - Arthur L. Johnson High School 1976, Hobart College 1980  

Lorraine Figarelli - Richard Rizk “Unsung Hero” Award
James Mitchell - Mountain Lakes High School 1993, Princeton University 1997
Lindsey Munday - Mountain Lakes High School 2002, Northwestern University 2006
Jill Cosse - Wall High School 1989, The College of New Jersey 1993, University of Connecticut 1995
Peter Stanton - Hunterdon Central High School 1984, Stevens Institute of Technology 1988
Thomas J. Hoeland - Paramus High School 1978, William Paterson University 1982

John Bodnar - Richard Rizk Unsung Hero Award
Craig Buckley - Fair Lawn High School 1993, Rutgers University 1999
Lucy Small DeStefano - Hotchkiss School (CT) 95, Princeton University ‘99
Seamus "Jimmy" Donovan - 527 Stuyvesant Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Marc Jacobson - Ridgewood High School 1991, Denison University 1995
Peter O’Donnell - Fair Lawn High School 1965, Bowling Green State University 1969
Michael P. Springer - Ridgewood High School 1998, Syracuse University 2003
Robert E. Weglarz - John F. Kennedy High School 1965, Middlesex County College 1969-70, Newark State College 1972

John Kalinowski - The Richard Rizk “Unsung Hero” Award
Lauren Plasha Berg - Garnet Valley High School (PA) 1980, Northwestern 1984
Debra Castine Burger- Columbia High School 1995, UNC Chapel Hill 1999
Dale Oehler - Wilton High School (CT) 1971, Lebanon Valley College 1975
Matt Poskay - Arthur L. Johnson High School 2002, University of Virginia 2006
Richard Prakopcyk - Hunterdon Central HS 1974, Rutgers University 1978
Gina Carey-Smith - Florence HS 1988, Trenton State College (TCNJ) 1993
Lauren Simone Farrell - Delran High School 1998, Princeton University 2002


Chris Cahill (Princeton High School ’78, Washington & Lee ‘82)
Peter Cordrey (Manhasset HS ’78, Princeton University ‘82)
John Kenny (Columbia High School ‘75, Official)
Chris Sailer (Haverford (PA) HS ’77, Harvard University ‘81 Head Coach - Princeton University)

Gregg Schmalz (Westfield High School ’88, Duke University ‘92)
Trevor Tierney (The Hun School ’97, Princeton University ‘01)
Sean J. Turner (Mountain Lakes HS ’90, U.S. Military Academy, West Point ‘94)


Thomas P. Carr (Delaware Valley Reg. HS ‘68, East Stroudsburg ‘72)
Joe Ghedina (Mendham High School ‘95, Hofstra University ‘99)
Nick Medvedich (Johnson Regional HS ‘90, Kean University ‘95)
Nancy Warren O’Neill (Collingswood HS ‘85, Trenton State ‘89)

Beth Watov Serughetti (West Windsor Plainsboro HS ‘92, TCNJ ‘96)
Mark Sweeney (Madison HS ‘76, West Chester State ‘81)
Mike Webster (La Lumiere - Indiana ‘83, Johns Hopkins ‘87)
Jeremy Becket Wolff (Lawrenceville School ‘93, Princeton ‘97)


Carter Marsh Abbott (Phillips Academy ’93, Princeton University ’97)
Erin O’Neill Cacciabaudo (Choate Rosemary Hall ’92, Princeton ’96)
Quinn Carney (Hunterdon Central HS ’97, University of Maryland ’01)
Mike Corcoran (Dumont HS ’72, West Chester State ’76)
Mike Iorio (Mendham HS ’91, University of Notre Dame ’95)

David Metzbower (Loyola Bakersfield HS ’82,
U.S. Naval Academy ’84, Univ. Delaware ’86)
Charles W. Shoulberg (Mountain Lakes HS ’89, Ithaca College ’93)
Mark Tyree (Montclair HS ’77, Rutgers University ’81)


Owen C. Dunne (Summit High School ’81, Rutgers University ’86)
Scott Gabrielson (Princeton High School ’83, University of Vermont ’87)
Edward J. Lewis (Columbia High School ’80, Towson University ’84)
William Long (Sterling (Ohio) High School ’64, Ohio Wesleyan ’69)

Keith T. Van Ness (Montville High School ’90, Montclair State University ’94)
Virginia Weber (Moorestown High School ’74, University of Delaware ’78)
William G. Winter (Boonton HS ’71, Wilkes University ’76, Bucknell ’78)


Yvonne M. Carey (Pennsauken HS ’75, Trenton State College ’79)
James T. Davidson (West Milford Twp HS ’81, East Stroudsburg ’86,
New Jersey City University ’99)
Ann W. Del Tufo Jackopin (Morristown HS, East Stroudsburg )

Mark H. Ford (Summit High School ’81, Amherst University ’85)
Robert K. Schroeder (York Suburban HS, West Chester State)
Spencer Willard (Princeton High School ’66, Rutgers University ’75)
Chris Wojcik (Westfield High School ’92, Harvard University ’96)


Heidi Faith (Princeton High School ’73, Rutgers University ’77)
David Frigeri (Mountain Lakes High School ’88, Hobart ’92)
Stephen Locker (Westfield High School ’87, Rutgers ’91)
Michael A. Perez, Jr. (Columbia HS ’70, Johns Hopkins ’74)

William Scioscia (Hanover Park HS ’77, FDU-Madison ’81)
Sandra Stock (Shawnee ’84, Trenton State College ’88)
Debbie L. Tweed (Collingswood ’77, Ursinus College ’81)


David D. Breslin (Mountain Lakes HS ’88, Ohio Wesleyan ’93)
Jon Brothers (Columbia HS ’91, Univ. of Maryland ’95)
Anthony A. Calandra (A.L. Johnson Regional HS ’90, Kean ’95)
Philip W. Gaffney (Princeton ’65; Coach, Madison Jr. Lacrosse Club)
Bridget Schrepfer Geiger (Maple Shade HS ’76, Trenton State ’80)

Michael C. Hynes (Montclair HS ’73, Univ. of Maryland ’77)
Thomas S. Leanos (Hofstra Univ. ’70, Head Coach, Drew Univ.)
M. Susan Paige (Franklin HS ’76, Lock Haven Univ. ’80, Official)
Denise D’Arcy Wescott (Moorestown HS ’76, Maryland ’80,
Head Coach Univ. of Delaware (1997–present)

Karin Pierson Brower (Chatham HS ’88, William and Mary ’92)
Mark DeCicco (Columbia HS ’83, Towson University ’87)
Mark D. Hellenack (Matawan Reg. HS ’78, Kean University ’83)
Deanna Beuerle Knoblock (Moorestown HS ’86, Trenton State ’91)
Anne Allen Nicholson (Moorestown HS ’83, Loyola College ’87)
Robert R. Ott (Montclair HS ’74, University of Maryland ’79)
Charles E. Simpson (Mt. Hermon School ’66, Lafayette ’70)
Robert Turco (Peddie School ’70, Washington & Lee ’74)
Robert A. Villanova (Vailsbury HS ’66, Monmouth College ’70)
Eric Waltz (Mt. Lakes HS ’88, U.S. Military Academy ’93)


Jamie Brodsky (Columbia HS ’91, University of Maryland ’96)
Andrew DeCicco (Columbia HS ’86, Rutgers University ’90)
Mary Beth Driscoll (Chatham Township HS ’80, Lock Haven University ’84)

Paul Hooper (Columbia HS ’78, Washington (MD) College ’82)
Chris Johnson (Montclair HS ’78, Springfield (MA) College ’83)
Darren M. McGurn (West Morris Mendham HS ‘93, Ohio Wesleyan Univ. ‘98


Shaun R. Cherewich (Connecticut ’67)
Bruce D. Davis (Boonton HS ’73, Wilkes ’77)
Paul G. Edwards (Montclair HS ’70, Johns Hopkins University ’74)
Alden C. Hess (Lafayette ’58)

Robert S. Krueger (Pingry ’65, University of Virginia ’67)
Joann LaVorgna (Montclair State College ’75)
G. David Pease (Summit HS, Union College, New Hampshire)
Jason Pressman (Arthur L. Johnson HS ’90, Johns Hopkins University ’94)


Allen “Jake” Jacobson (W. Maryland ’50)
Joyce Jones (Trenton State College ’68)
Marge Schoenfelt Kirsch (Official 1986-2000)
Donald Moeller (Boonton HS)
Homer Robinson (Morgan State University)

Charles R. Ruebling (Cornell University)
Robert L. Sheridan (Gettysburg College)
David Sherwood (Loyola University ’87)
Robert Shields (Coach FDU-Madison 1962-1976)


Charles Apel (Rutgers University ’78)
David Brody (Rutgers Universty ’62)
Marguerite Dempsey (Columbia HS)
Philip DiDomenico (Seton Hall University)
Robert Pilat (Kutztown University ’77)

Gary Reuben (Ithaca College ’82)
Frank Rotunda (Rutgers University ’67)
Melissa Magee Speidel (Ursinus College)
William Virtue (Maplewood Lacrosse Club)
Houston R. Webber (Montclair State College ’73)


David Allan (Williams ’58)
Howard Anderson (Rutgers University ’53)
Atherton Bristol (Columbia-MO ’46)
Timothy Cullen (Ithaca College ’71)
Celine Cunningham (University of Maryland ’84)
Frederic Fitch (Syracuse University ’24)
Richard Glancy (Johns Hopkins University ’84)
John Gorman (West Chester State)

William Johnson (University of Tennessee ’53)
Hope Kerr (Skidmore College ’57)
Gary Mercadante (Jersey City State College)
William McCutcheon (Johns Hopkins University ’75)
Robert Naso (Rutgers University ’59)
Beatrice Thomas (Temple University ’33)
Anna Marie Vesco (Penn State University ’88)


Florence Brudon (West Chester State)
Jim Carroll (Iona)
Gail Chesnut (Panzer ’57)
Timothy Flynn (Montclair State College ’76)
Jack Francis (University of Maryland ’83)
Maureen Horan (Trenton State College ’75)
Stephen Jacobson (Swarthmore College ’65)
Jeanne Kline (Temple University ’86)
William Pilat (Roanoke ’85)

Joseph Reilly (Rutgers University ’78)
Peter Savidge (Rutgers University ’66)
Robert Schmalz (University of Virginia ’90)
Fred Schmitt (Darby HS ’45)
Brooks Sleeper (University of Maryland ’75)
William Tierney (Cortland State ’73)
Dean Witty (Montclair State College ’77)


Devin Arkinson (Hobart College ’87)
Cindy Beradino (Montclair State College ’76)
Robert Bianchi (U.S. Naval Academy)
Marshall Chambers (Springfield ’50)
Robert Curcio (Holy Cross ’65)
Gilbert Gibbs, Jr. (Springfield ’61)
Sharon Goldbrenner (Trenton State College ’85)
Jane Hansen (Haddon Heights HS)
Thomas Hayes (Penn State University ’63)
Reid Jackson (Rutgers University ’94)
Warren Kimber (Hobart College ’55)
Mary Marino (Beaver ’64)

Mary McCarthy Stefano (Penn State University ’87)
Joseph Nazzaro (Rutgers University ’62)
Leo Paytas (Summit ‘81, Penn ‘85)
Lawrence Pitt (Rutgers University ’39)
David Pooley (Rutgers University ’58)
Richard Rizk (Rutgers University ’55)
Susan Rudderow (Glassboro State College ’78)
Susanne Schooley (Glassboro State College ’67)
Irvin Seymour (West Chester ’49)
Ferris Thomsen (St. John’s-Annapolis ’30)
Albert Twitchell (Rutgers University ’35)
Peter von Hoffmann (Bucknell ‘79)
Dietrich von Schwerdtner (Towson State College ’53)
John Walters (Dartmouth ’62)
Hawley Waterman (Springfield ’54)